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New news for the new year - Feb 22, 2021

First of all, our last update was about a year ago, when the world was at the start of this pandemic. Well, we're one year in, and while here in the US the scale of tragedy is enormous, there is a lot to be hopeful for as vaccine production and distribution is ramping up. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

And now, on to the news:

* Most of the site is now accessible securely (i.e. over https). I have not redirected the old profile pages yet, but any new indicators and links to new profile pages will all be served securely, which is just overall better for the internet

* Most of the site is now responsive, which means that it will work properly on your mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc); the most useful, I think, will be the dashboard and profile pages

* As I've been making tweaks to the site I've tried very hard to make sure that old links don't break, but if you run across any broken pages, please let me know

There's been a lot of work done under the hood in the past few weeks, but most of that should be invisible to you.

More to come (hopefully sooner than a year from now).

-- jcn

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